Four easy lessons on the brain

A video popularisation project puts neuroscience within everyone's reach.

Do you know why trying to name the Seven Dwarfs in Snow White usually never comes to mind? Or who it was that classified the basic emotions, the ones that even a native who has never come into contact with civilisation can recognise? Or that the cerebral cortex, unrolled outside the cranial box, is a metre long? There are so many curiosities, the marvellous functions discovered and studied, the known aspects and those yet to be discovered about our brain and central nervous system.

In the videos of CuriosaMente - Journey notes into the human mind, the researchers of the MoMiLab of the IMT School tell in terms accessible to all the workings of the brain, its biology and physiology, and cognitive functions such as memory, self-awareness and emotions - those aspects of behaviour that make us who we are.

The brain




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