A game to learn about the Middle Ages

How gamification can help historical research and teaching.

SocietyTechnology and Innovation

When innovation becomes strenuous

What is the phenomenon of Over Featuring, and why it threatens to derail product development?

SocietyMind and Brain

Learning through games: what is playful teaching

Research increasingly sees play as a tool to innovate teaching and stimulate learning.

SocietyTechnology and Innovation

Tell me where you look, and I will tell you what you choose

An artificial intelligence algorithm applied to gaze-tracking systems is able to read intentions in an online game: technology potentially...


Tourist or troublemakers? The impact of Airbnb on consumption amenities

A new study confirms that short-term rentals can boost local economies, contributing to the creation of new businesses such as restaurants, bars and...


An open lab to experiment with economic and digital resilience

The Open Lab aims to become an innovative data analysis centre to answer questions from researchers, companies and institutions.

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How smart is ChatGPT?

Q&A with the artificial intelligence software of the moment.


One million photographs to tell the story of the city of Lucca

A project in collaboration between the IMT School and the municipality enhances the city's vast photographic heritage.

Mind and Brain

Technostress, when the use of technology at work becomes a problem

A group at the IMT School studies this form of psychophysical discomfort, and designs interventions to prevent and reduce it.


With board, tiles and tokens you learn not to waste water

The results of the Blutube project confirm that play serves to learn sustainable behaviour.


Who has what it takes to conquer foreign markets

A machine learning algorithm makes it possible to identify companies that have the right characteristics to export successfully.


Foreign enterprises in Italy: they are still few but weigh in the production system 

A report provides the first data on the presence and role of foreign multinationals in our country.