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Rationality Pills #4 - Experts are (not) always right

How do we decide whom to trust? The philosophy of science tries to answer.

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Even monkeys (and not only) decide as we do

One strand of research investigates cognitive biases such as the 'decoy effect' in animals.


How does it feel to see human remains in the museum?

A survey analyses visitors' opinions, amid ethical doubts and uncomfortable historical legacies.


Your room is ready: tourism and revival of European city centers

The opening of new hotels in urban areas is an advantage for local businesses and job creation, but it also presents some...

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Will artificial intelligence be the 'lie detector' of the future?

AI recognises lies through language analysis better than humans.


The majority opinion against fake news

Social media users 'listen' to the evaluations of others, even if they say they don't.

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Can 'intellectual humility' help medicine?

A research project studies interventions to foster communication between doctors and patients and improve health policies.

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Rationality Pills #3 - Being better on social media

Here are some 'tricks' from the research to experience virtual environments more serenely.

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Rationality Pills #2 - Can science tell us right or wrong?

This is how morality is studied in the laboratory.

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Rationality Pills #1 - What is nudge?

The MInD research group at Scuola IMT studies both the theory and practice of human reasoning.

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Where artificial intelligence will take us

The AI Index Report 2023 captures the state of the most talked about technology of the moment.

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If we go extinct, it will not be ChatGPT's fault

A reflection on the real and supposed risks of artificial intelligence.